My Grand D. was here for an overnight and a day recently. No matter where I am, she is quite nearby. I love stealing glimpses of her once I have awakened and before she has left dreamland to join this world. She is a perpetual motion graceful mixture of a graceful loving wind-up toy and a free spirit.

As we were watching some Disney program she selected she said, “JoJo, how do the kids always know what to say in the show?”

As someone who was influenced by the pseudo perfect families of TV land, “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver” I now wanted to remind her that this is not a life performance of anything akin to life as we know it.

I said,’Maia, they are following a script. Do you know what a script it?”

“Yes,” she said shyly and I thought I’d explain it a little further. “Do you realize a play or TV show begins with an idea and writers write the idea into a script for other people, named actors, say the lines as they are written? Since the writers have a story they are telling, the actors have to follow the script in order to complete the story.”

Never has the concept ever impacted me so strongly as it did at that moment as I realized how many plays I’ve participated in, of someone else’s scripting.




Therapeutic Thoughts

Once again I am reminded of the words. The words that won’t be silent. The thoughts that will not rest. And I begin again to get them out there so I can see what I am thinking.